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I cannot figure out how to e-mail aol customer service.

How To Contact AOL Customer Support

To contact AOL Customer Support you will either need to go through AOL Live Help (only available to members) or call their customer support line at 1-800-827-6364. To reach AOL Live Help select the "Keyword" option from your AOL toolbar and type in "Live Help". Push the "OK" button and you should be taken to the Live Help center.

How do I contact AOL for customer service?

Need to Contact AOL?

If you are an AOL client in need of AOL Customer service, you have several options.

For AOL Access Numbers, call: 888-265-8005.

For Help with your AOL Account, your internet connection, or for other support issues, call: 800-827-6364.

You can also find AOL Customer Service support online and via email.

How much will i pay monthly, after the 30 day free trial is over?

AOL Pricing Structure

After you have used up your AOL free trial, if you had one, AOL offers 3 pricing plans for you to choose from. For $25.90 a month you can receive the AOL Unlimited Monthly Plan, For $14.95 a month you can receive the AOL With 10 Dial-Up Hours Plan, and for $239.40 a year you can receive the AOL Annual Plan. Plans 1 and 3 offer unlimited dial-up hours, while plan 2 offers unlimited broadband hours with 10 free dial-up hours and a $2.95 per hour charge after that.

How do I cancel my account?

How To Cancel Your AOL Account

There are three different ways that one can cancel one or more of their AOL member accounts.

The first is via phone by calling 888-265-8008.

The second is via mail by sending a request to:

America Online

P.O. BOX 17100

Jacksonville, FL 32245-7100

The third is via fax by sending a request to 703-433-7283.

You will need to provide the full name, phone number, address and handwritten signature of the person who pays for the account, as well as one of the following:

- The master screen name.

- The last four digits of the current method of payment.

- The answer to the account security question of the master screen name.

Where do I call or who do I talk to about cancelling my call alert?

Cancelling Your AOL Call Alert Subscription

To cancel your AOL call alert subscription simply call 866-265-4415 from 8AM to 1AM EST to speak to a representative that is qualified to cancel your subscription.

How do I get LIVE Help

Get AOL Live Help

If you need help while you are online, you can get AOL Live Help by going to your AOL toolbar and selecting the "Help" option. Select "AOL Help" from the list and you should be taken to the help center. Once there, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and select "Get Live Help Now". Then choose from "Get Live Technical Help" or "Get Live Billing Help" and you should be instantly connected to their Live Help system.

How can I transfer my broadband package to my new address?

Transferring Your AOL Broadband Account

If you are moving and have AOL broadband account, then transferring that service is as easy as having your cable or DSL provider install their service into your new residence. Once you have a DSL or cable connection, you can automatically log into your AOL broadband account for your new home.

I can`t find your customer service number.

AOL Customer Support Phone Number

Finding the AOL customer support number can be tricky. First select the "Help" option on your AOL toolbar and select "AOL Help". You will then be taken to the help center where you will see, at the very top right corner of the page (when you are facing the screen), a small link that says "Contact Us". When you select that link, a pop-up will display on your screen which lists all of your customer support options. If you are looking for the AOL customer support line specifically, the number is 800-827-6364.

How can AOL customer service help me?

AOL Customer Service features

Sometimes problems that manifest themselves as problems on AOL are in fact due to problems on your local machine. One nice feature of AOL ISP customer service is the ability of AOL to fix problems on your computer automatically.

Can I find AOL customer service help online?

Getting AOL Live Help

If you need help but can still log on to AOL, there are live AOL help chat rooms staffed by trained support personnel available 24/7. AOL live help is often a much faster way of getting an answer to your question or problem than waiting on hold until an AOL customer service representative can take your call.

Can I find AOL customer service help online?

How to Get Help on AOL

The AOL Help Community is a section where members can access help from other members. There are very useful “quick help” guides that walk you through the basics of using message boards, email, AOL chat, instant message, virus protection, spam blocking and many other subjects. You can even take short classes online to become a true AOL power user.

What other features does AOL Help offer?

AOL Customer Service features

AOL help is also a way to stay informed about the latest features available on AOL.. AOL help can show you the five latest major feature additions available on AOL, giving you a chance to explore ways of making your online experience that much more fun and productive.

Does AOL customer service have phone support?

AOL Help by Phone

You can connect to America Online using a variety of methods and devices. One of the most popular is using a dial-up modem, but these connections can be cranky sometimes. If you are unable to get connected, the problem may be due to your modem or access phone number settings. The AOL software can help you select the best access number and automatically choose the correct settings for your modem, but if you still have trouble getting connected, AOL help is always available 24/7 by phone from their technical support center.

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