How to Get Help on AOL

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Can I find AOL customer service help online?

How to Get Help on AOL

The AOL Help Community is a section where members can access help from other members. There are very useful “quick help” guides that walk you through the basics of using message boards, email, AOL chat, instant message, virus protection, spam blocking and many other subjects. You can even take short classes online to become a true AOL power user.



9/14/2006 9:40:26 PM said:

I changed my unlimited account with aol about a month ago. i wiil like to get my old package back. i don't like this new service with aol. thanks. tony marrero

2/6/2007 10:35:20 AM

aol have been with you since 2003 if service cannot be improved we have 3 accts am canceling all of them V,E,M,VERNON MEASELS

1/28/2008 8:16:11 AM
Maria Gorbuleva said:

I am trying to change language preferences. Where can I default to Russian options temporary?? I am trying to read Russian mail, I can not recode the emails in one of the accounts.

Kind Regards,

1/11/2009 10:39:57 AM said:

they were ok when only gamw in town. there has been a tremendous expansion since then. competition really does cause the fat to rise to the top where it can be skimmed off.


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