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What AOL features can I use on my wireless devices?

Get AOL anywhere

Receiving instant messages and email on a PDA via AOL Anywhere is quite simple, but you have to download a special program to your PDA. This software is available for Pocket PC 2003, 2005, Palm, Palm OS5 and Treo 600. There is also a version of this software that displays instant messages only.

What AOL features can I use on my wireless devices?

Get AOL email or instant messages anywhere

Even if you don't sign up for an ISP service like AOL Anywhere or My Mobile instant message forwarding or email, it is possible for AOL members to sign on to AOL from any electronic device such as a cell phone or PDA that is text-enabled and has the necessary service plan from your wireless carrier. Check at AOL Keyword MyMobile and your wireless carrier for details.

How do I get my screen names to my new computer?

Accessing Your AOL Account To A New Computer

If you need to access your AOL account on another computer, one which you own, all you need to do is install the AOL software, sign on using the "Current User" option and, after your modem is connected to the AOL servers, you will be prompted to put in one of your AOL screen names. Once you do this, all of your screen names from your entire account should then be accessible from your new computer.

What should I put in my AOL member profile?

Using AOL Profiles

When you go into an AOL Chat room, other people can look up your member profile to find out more about you. However, if you choose to fill out a member profile, it is usually best to be circumspect. Don't include any information that you wouldn't want a stranger to know. In the past, spammers have searched through AOL profiles to identify people to whom they can target spam or unsolicited instant messages. Many AOL members elect to leave their profile blank.

What is Auto AOL?

Automatic AOL Explained

Automatic AOL or Auto AOL is a service that AOL provides where you can set your account to log on, even when you are not near your computer, and download files and other updates or retrieve e-mail or message board posts that you can read while offline. You can run this service on demand or set up scheduled log-ins.

How can I find the best wireless devices to use with AOL Anywhere?

Get AOL email or instant messages anywhere

If you don't have a phone that will work with AOL Anywhere, or you want to upgrade to something better, AOL “Find a Phone” service is a members-only option that gives you find the phone, wireless carrier and service plan that is best for you. AOL can also help you identify those phones that are particularly well-suited to receiving email and instant messages from AOL..

What AOL features can I use on my wireless devices?

Get AOL anywhere

The AOL Anywhere service lets members create alerts and reminders that will automatically pre-selected messages to a cell phone, PDA, or pager. You can also configure AOL to send alerts to you automatically to keep you on top of breaking news, sports, weather, stocks, entertainment, shopping, and other areas.

Can I use AOL on my wireless devices?

Get AOL anywhere

AOL is no longer restricted to your computer. AOL Anywhere is a member service that lets you receive AOL instant messages, reminders and email on your cell phone or PDA. AOL Anywhere lets you stay in constant touch with friends, family, and coworkers.

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