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How do I create a guest user?

Signing On To AOL As A Guest

As an AOL member you are allotted seven screen names, all of which you can change at any time, except for your master screen name. Any of these screen names can log on as a guest user by choosing "Guest" from the drop down menu on the AOL sign on screen. This can be done from any computer that has AOL installed.

How do I use the AOL member search and profile features?

AOL member profiles

Every member of AOL is unique. Let other AOL members let you know who you are by filling out a member profile. You can list your occupation, hobbies, the area where you live, your marital status, a favorite quote, and more.

How do I use the AOL member search and profile features?

AOL Member Directory

Remember, if you are looking for someone who is an AOL member using the member directory, that person needs to have set up a profile in order for you to find them. If they don't have a profile, the members directory won't find anything, even if they are a member.

How do I use the AOL member search and profile features?

AOL Member Directory

The AOL members directory lets you search for other America Online members with whom you have something in common. Use the AOL keyword “members” to display the search window where you can select the search criteria and run your search.

How can I set the sounds I want on AOL mail?

Can I Customize My AOL Mail Sounds?

Currently, the only AOL sounds that you are able to customize are sounds that talk, such as "Welcome" when you log on and "Goodbye" when you log off. You may replace those with select celebrity voices. You can also customize you Buddy List sounds.

How do I find out the identity of another AOL user?

Find Out Who An AOL Member Is

To find out who an AOL member is, select the "Community" button from your AOL toolbar and scroll down to "Get Member Profile". It will then ask you the screen name of the person you are looking for and once you click "OK" that person's AOL profile will be displayed for you. If that person has not set up their AOL profile, there really is no other way to determine their identity. This is for the safety of the community.

Can you tell me what my monthly billing rate is and exactly what day it will hit my checking account?

View Your AOL Bill Online

Checking your AOL bill online requires one easy step. Select "Keyword" from your AOL toolbar options and then select "Go to AOL Keyword". A box will appear on your screen, at which time you will type in "Billing" and select the "OK" button. You should then be taken to the AOL Billing Center where you can view how much your monthly plan is and when your next billing cycle should occur.

I need help removing AOL from my computer

Removing The AOL Software From Your Computer

If you want to uninstall AOL software from you computer, you need to begin by opening your Windows Control Panel. Select the "Add or Remove programs option, if AOL uninstaller appears then select it or highlight the America Online software and select "Add/Remove" option. Choose the version of the AOL software that you want to uninstall and select "Next". Another page will open and you will need to click "Next" on it as well. Then another page may open up in which you need to select "Skip". After that, a page should open up that has a "Finish" option. Select that and you should be all done!

What are some other new features for AOL members?

AOL by Phone

AOL by Phone is a new premium service available to America Online members for a modest additional fee. If you are using the phone line to access AOL, a special message box will not only tell you if someone is calling on that line, but will read the caller ID and let you know who it is.

I need my screen name and password.

How To Retrieve Your AOL Master Screen Name Or Password

If you have lost any other AOL screen name or password other than your AOL master screen name or password, you can easily log on to your master screen name to retrieve a screen name or change a password. However, if you lose your AOL master screen name or password, you will need to call AOL customer support at 800-827-6364 and answer various security questions to be able to gain access to your account again.

How does AOL keep AOL members safe from harmful viruses and spy ware?

AOL Security

With increasing numbers of viruses, worms, spyware, and pop-ups, the Internet is becoming a difficult place to live, work and play. Now AOL members have access to personal firewall, virus and spyware blockers, popup blockers and spam controls, all free of charge from AOL.

Can you please tell me if an aol email address is connected to another aol email address?

How To Find Out What Screen Names Are Connected To Your AOL Account

To find out what screen names are connected to your AOL account, simply log on to your master screen name, go to keyword "screen name", and you should be able to view and edit your screen names and passwords.

What are some other new features for AOL members?

AOL Bill Pay

A relatively new feature for AOL members is AOL Bill Pay. This lets you receive and pay your bills online right from your computer without surfing to a whole bunch of different web sites. The service is free to America Online members.

How can AOL help my kids in school?

Ask-a-Teacher for AOL Members

The number one reason parents buy computers is to support their kids' educational needs, and AOL can help. One of the most popular AOL member features is Ask-a-teacher, where kids can communicate with real teachers either by live chat or email to get assistance with their homework. There is also a vast knowledge database of answers from other students, where you might find the answer without having to ask.

How do I add another user to my account?

Adding A Screen Name To Your AOL Account

You can have up to seven screen names on one AOL account. To add a new screen name, select the "Keyword" option on your AOL toolbar, select "Go To Keyword" and, once the keyword box pops up, type in "Screen Name". Once there, select the "Create A New Screen Name" option and follow the prompts.

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