Removing The AOL Software From Your Computer

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I need help removing AOL from my computer

Removing The AOL Software From Your Computer

If you want to uninstall AOL software from you computer, you need to begin by opening your Windows Control Panel. Select the "Add or Remove programs option, if AOL uninstaller appears then select it or highlight the America Online software and select "Add/Remove" option. Choose the version of the AOL software that you want to uninstall and select "Next". Another page will open and you will need to click "Next" on it as well. Then another page may open up in which you need to select "Skip". After that, a page should open up that has a "Finish" option. Select that and you should be all done!



10/17/2007 3:28:24 PM
michael adcock said:

i need to cancel my aol membership


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