Find Out Who An AOL Member Is

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How do I find out the identity of another AOL user?

Find Out Who An AOL Member Is

To find out who an AOL member is, select the "Community" button from your AOL toolbar and scroll down to "Get Member Profile". It will then ask you the screen name of the person you are looking for and once you click "OK" that person's AOL profile will be displayed for you. If that person has not set up their AOL profile, there really is no other way to determine their identity. This is for the safety of the community.



10/22/2007 9:51:44 PM
Marsha Paulk said:

Want to pull up my personal screen in a
different location. Only a Gaine WahJong
avery old version of it and it is on my
Person page on the screen as a big ico or
settin can you help me get my screem pulled

12/23/2008 6:38:54 AM
HELLLP! said:

UUUGH !!! there is NO "community" button on my AOL toolbar!! This is absolutely used to be so frickin i d have no idea where to even find my OWN profile!!


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