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Is there a way for two computers in one house to be on AOL under the same account?

Having More Than One AOL Screen Name Signed On At The Same Time

If you have AOL for Broadband, you can have up to seven screen names signed on at one time. However, only one of those can be using dial-up access (the others need to be using high speed access). Depending on your equipment, it may be required for you to install additional home networking equipment for two computers in one household to use the same cable or DSL connection at the same time.

How do I unsubscribe from AOL`s MusicNet when I do not have the AOL browser?

Cancelling Your AOL Music Now Account

You can cancel your AOL Music Now account from anywhere. Go to, click "Member & Guest Sign In" and enter your information, select "My Account", select "Account Settings", and then select "Cancel Membership". You should be able to access AOL Music Now until the end of your current billing cycle.

I changed my connection to cable to have fast access on my computer. However, I find myself waiting 5 to 6 minutes for the AOL carrier to come online. If this is the case, I will just have to go somewhere else like Yahoo, where besides speed I don`t have to pay anything. What are you doing wrong?

AOL Running Or Booting Up Slow

If you find that your AOL software is taking more than a few seconds to boot up or is running slowly when you have high-speed access, you might want to try restarting your computer. This will restart the AOL software, give you a fresh connection to the service, and possibly fix a glitch that was present in the AOL software or in your connection the first time.

To do this, select the keys "Ctrl", "Alt", and "Delete" at the same time. When your program box opens, select all three again. Or go to your "Start" menu and select "Turn Off Computer".

Help! I just found that I can no longer access most of the archived email in my AOL "filing cabinet" on my own hard drive. After several calls to AOL tech support and fraud departments, I find that many people have the same problem--only being able to access the last month or so of archived emails

I am having a problem installing java. I called earlier and the problem wasn't fixed. It is telling me that I need to contact my ISP to get proxy information, but I can`t even get into AOL Live Help because I can't install java. Could somebody please fix my problem?

Re-Installing The Java Virtual Machine For AOL Users

If your Java Virtual Machine is not working properly or has been compromised, then you may have trouble accessing some things on AOL or the Web or you may receive error messages. To fix this you need to re-install the Java Virtual Machine.

First go to, select "Download Now", select "Begin Download" (if you see a Security Warning box, select "Yes" and/or "Grant Access"),
accept the terms and conditions of the JVM, select "Next", select "Next" and, when it is done, select "Finish". You may need to restart your computer.

How can I make my game site small? My computer has everything large, both Windows and game sites.

Changing Your Screen Resolution

If the content on your screen is too small or too large, it may be that your resolution is set too low or too high. This can cause your AOL icons, Web pages that you visit, and many other things to appear smaller or larger than they should.

To change your resolution, open your Windows Control Panel, select "Appearance and Themes", select "Display", select "Settings", move your "Screen Resolution" bar to make the images smaller or larger (at least 600x800 is recommended), and then select "OK" to save your changes.

Where can I find home pages created by AOL members?

Search For Home Pages Created By AOL Members

To find home pages created by other AOL members, simply go to "Community" on your AOL toolbar, select "Hometown", and type your search criteria into the "Search For Member Pages" box. You will then receive a list of the home pages created by AOL members that fits your criteria.

How do I enable my "cookies"?

Enable Cookies For Internet Explorer

To enable cookies for Internet Explorer 5.5 or lower go to your "Start" button, select "Programs", select "Internet Explorer", select "Tools", select "Internet Options", select "Security", select "Custom Level", scroll down until you find the cookies selection, enable both "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" and "Allow pre-session cookies" options, select "OK", and select "OK" again. Your cookies should be enabled.

To Enable Cookies for Internet Explorer 6.x go to your "Start" button, select "Programs", select "Internet Explorer", select "Tools", select "Internet Options", select "Privacy", select "Advanced", find the "Override automatic cookie handling box" to checkmark it, select an appropriate option for both "First-party Cookies" and "Third-party Cookies", find "Always allow session cookies box" to checkmark it, select "OK", and then select "OK" again. Your cookies should be enabled.

How can I play AOL solitaire offline?

AOL Games For Download - Solitaire

The AOL Games site currently allows you to download these solitaire title: Aloha Solitaire, Charm Solitaire, Great Escapes Solitaire Collection, Hotel Solitaire Deluxe, Tri-Peaks Solitaire.

To do this go to AOL keyword "Games", select "See All Card & Board Games", find the solitaire game of your choice, and then select the "Download & Play" link in it's row to begin the download.

All other solitaire games can only be accessed online at this time.

If I cancel my AOL membership and then decide to go back to AOL, can I use my old screen name? Also, what happens to mail that was sent when I was no longer a member? Can I still retrieve it?

Restoring A Screen Name & Checking E-Mail After Account Cancellation

If you delete an AOL screen name or have cancelled your AOL account and wish to reinstate it, you may be able to get your screen name back within a six month period without worrying about it being taken by another user.

If you have cancelled an AOL account, your mail will still go to that account for some time and you may still be able to access it by going to and putting in your old screen name and password.

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