Re-Installing The Java Virtual Machine For AOL Users

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I am having a problem installing java. I called earlier and the problem wasn't fixed. It is telling me that I need to contact my ISP to get proxy information, but I can`t even get into AOL Live Help because I can't install java. Could somebody please fix my problem?

Re-Installing The Java Virtual Machine For AOL Users

If your Java Virtual Machine is not working properly or has been compromised, then you may have trouble accessing some things on AOL or the Web or you may receive error messages. To fix this you need to re-install the Java Virtual Machine.

First go to, select "Download Now", select "Begin Download" (if you see a Security Warning box, select "Yes" and/or "Grant Access"),
accept the terms and conditions of the JVM, select "Next", select "Next" and, when it is done, select "Finish". You may need to restart your computer.



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