AOL Customer Service features

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AOL Customer Service features

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8/4/2006 8:14:40 PM
Theresa DeAngelo said:

How do I log on to get technical live help?
thank you

9/13/2006 11:00:15 AM
Tanya Johnson said:

I somehow chose AOL free service. I did not want it. I need internet connection for school. How do I sign up for AOL service. I have had the free trial up until now.

Thank you.
Tanya Johnson

9/14/2006 9:01:12 AM
HSC424 said:

I have had a number of problems this week, since you changed the Search Screen. How do I talk with a customer service rep concerning thse issues.
I've been through LIVE HELP as well as help from my computer company and DSL provider. I was NOT having these problems until using this Search Program.

2/19/2007 8:08:30 AM
Steven Martin said:

I noticed a $25 charge on my credit card I had not been following. Turns out AOL had been charging me since Oct 2005. I don't remember signing up. I havn't lived at that address since that date. I called over the weekend and cancelled. This is February of 2007.

AOL verified I had logged zero-minutes in those 15-months. But said they could not refund the over $400 they siphoned from my credit card during that time.

I'm and electrical engineer. I'm sure I would have cancelled any trial offer without it getting that far.

Based on AOL's track record, how do I know I did not cancel my account but AOL never honored it?

One more thing...please pass to the board of directors how they plan on growing AOL's business with this type of conduct?


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