AOL Help by Phone

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Does AOL customer service have phone support?

AOL Help by Phone

You can connect to America Online using a variety of methods and devices. One of the most popular is using a dial-up modem, but these connections can be cranky sometimes. If you are unable to get connected, the problem may be due to your modem or access phone number settings. The AOL software can help you select the best access number and automatically choose the correct settings for your modem, but if you still have trouble getting connected, AOL help is always available 24/7 by phone from their technical support center.



8/14/2006 12:36:13 PM
gmumom said:

What is the aol customer service phone number?

2/5/2007 7:29:18 PM
vegaortiz said:

i need to send a message to aol about my acount how do i do that?

3/6/2007 5:53:02 PM said:

What is the aol customer service phone number? If you cannot get online, how do you contact aol? Why is aol offered to Road Runner customers if it cannot be accessed? How do you reach a person to talk to??? Thanks, Vicki

6/1/2007 1:24:41 PM
Sara said:

whats the aol customer service phone number

9/20/2007 7:48:41 PM
Rlgorch said:

stop sending me automatic updates at least let me have a choice to decline them. last ime they jambed my win 98 up and l had to restore all. that did not make me happy. as a matter of fact it got me very angry at AOL.

10/7/2007 6:27:59 PM
bessie canter said:

aol has changed my service withought my permission. put it back the way it was
thank you .
Bessie Canter

10/14/2007 7:22:10 AM
Anjalika Silva said:

I have been looking for a direct way to send my feedback to AOL regarding their service that has made me angry and frustrated to say the least. I have been a customer for over 10 years and I have to say that the service today and the recent changes made have degraded the service to the point where if not that my AOL e-mail is registered in too many places I will close my account.

Who ever is making changes is not paying attention to the user end. To begin with there is no way to give feedback easily. One has to dig deep.

Mail takes too long to load. I used to be able to share reading material with pictures in short articles and now the cut and paste does not work for pictures. Every picture has to be inserted after saving separately.

Also, the feature to add a new e-mail address to the address book has either disappeared or got so buried that busy people have to spend time looking for it.

What ever AOL has done-- you are not making it easier for us users. You have gone backwards. Sometimes one wonders whether AOL has hired "Novices" who are practising on us. I have been used to better AOL with earlier versions and for the first time, I can honestly say that your changes make me very sick of using AOL. It is too messed up. I have read comments from other angry users. I will be gradually phasing out my AOL

10/24/2007 5:37:35 PM
mcgaritym6 said:

i can't play music it cuts in and out it plays a little bit of a song then goes out for a few seconds then plays for a few seconds help

11/9/2007 4:29:55 PM
Dorothy said:

I updated to AOL 9.1. I have a problem with it and want to delete it and get back to AOL 9.0.
AOL 9.1 does not appear on my "Add/Remove" list, so I cannot do it myself. Since this update was done on-line, it will have to be deleted by you on-line.
I also had a problem getting to this point, being able to voice my problem. Please help me and delete AOL 9.1.

12/4/2007 12:42:24 PM
Diana Graeber said:

I thought when I got my DSL service that aol was supposed to be free, but I am still charged $9.99 a month on my credit card. Why?????

1/2/2008 1:03:37 PM
cheryl heath said:

I will be leaving for florida for 3 months what does it coct to put computer on vacation? I am leaving tomorrow. sign Cheryl Heath

1/22/2008 7:54:23 PM
anna said:

how do i upgrade my firewall?

11/30/2008 1:13:29 PM
wendy said:

need to change my adress today!!! how do i do that

12/5/2008 8:02:53 AM said:

my email won't let me send e-mails as a sign pop ups that says you cant send 2 messages at the same time

1/5/2009 5:30:06 AM
Carlo J. Boscaino said:

My wife and I were charge once again on December 28, 09 $239.40 for the 2009 year for AOL services. I was told that AOL offers free services, and would like to be credited back to our Credit Card, how do we do this?

1/10/2009 11:34:54 AM
willireut said:

i keep getting dropped, especially when i can only half open a page. also i can't open any secured pages. halp of the sites i try to click on won't open.

1/12/2009 10:08:36 AM
lawanda miller said:

i have a question to why I was billed on the 5th of January and then again another fee for 16.95

2/8/2009 6:47:24 AM
donwinter said:

i am having trouble with aol broadband running slow


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