AOL Pricing Structure

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How much will i pay monthly, after the 30 day free trial is over?

AOL Pricing Structure

After you have used up your AOL free trial, if you had one, AOL offers 3 pricing plans for you to choose from. For $25.90 a month you can receive the AOL Unlimited Monthly Plan, For $14.95 a month you can receive the AOL With 10 Dial-Up Hours Plan, and for $239.40 a year you can receive the AOL Annual Plan. Plans 1 and 3 offer unlimited dial-up hours, while plan 2 offers unlimited broadband hours with 10 free dial-up hours and a $2.95 per hour charge after that.



11/6/2007 4:22:19 AM
Joanes Edouard said:

I would like to re-enroll into the same package of $9.95 that I had before because my contract with you was expired as I was told by one of your representative. I would like to continue doing businees with you by having an open contract. Please, as soon as you can, put on back my serevices. thanks. "May GOD blesses you all". Phone # 804-627-0251

12/31/2007 4:27:36 PM
Jean Montgomery said:

How much is broadband monthly? Are you saying your adding 2.95 each month if dial up is used over ten times? maybe I should change servers.

1/29/2008 6:59:10 AM
Bonnie Miller said:

My son signed me up for AOL fast connect internet service(free 90 day disc) I have been charged for (2)months on my credit card 25.90 each mo.), plus have been billed by AT & T 35.90. I need to find someone to talk to concerning this problem, or I am going to cancel. I want refunded for the months I was charged on my credit card. Can you help me?

12/22/2008 5:15:31 PM
Bill Burns said:

I have been a aol subscriber for over eight years. Unfortunately, broadband and dsl is not available where I live, therefore dial up is the only option other than satalite service which is out of my price range, since I am on disablitiy. My question is why does aol charge $25.00 per month when other web providers only charge $10.00 a month. Though $15.00 a month may not seem to be a large sum of money to many people, it is to me!The only reason I have not switched to another provider is that I like the aol format and screen layout. I have used other providers dialup at friends homes and their service was faster and had many fewer pauses when laoding screens. Regardless, I still am hung on the aol screen formats. Is there any alternative pricing that would bring aol in-line with other provider pricing or should I just learn to accept another providers format?

4/28/2009 9:25:58 AM
Susan said:

I have been getting unlimited dial up AOL for years for just 9.95 per month!

7/6/2009 3:53:12 PM
bill said:

i can not sign on aol from a host,yahoo and readmy mail or communicate from my address


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