AOL Customer Service features

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How can AOL customer service help me?

AOL Customer Service features

Sometimes problems that manifest themselves as problems on AOL are in fact due to problems on your local machine. One nice feature of AOL ISP customer service is the ability of AOL to fix problems on your computer automatically.



9/1/2006 11:11:16 PM
Joy said:

I didn't ask, but AOL automatically "fixed" my computer and in so doing, they wiped out the VPN connection to my place of employment. Now I have to pay to have it restored. I can really do without the "computer check-up" feature!!

9/12/2006 3:25:46 PM said:

why is my privacy wall blocked? due to acct issue? my acct is in good standing. WHAT IS GOING ON?????

1/5/2007 8:20:05 AM said:

I no longer have access to POGO games and wonder what the heck!! Cannot find a way to contact you either.

5/20/2007 3:10:45 AM
battiatopbatt said:

I was appalled at the comments of former President. Jimmy Carter concerning President Bush. The fact that a large percent of aol customers agreed with Carter tells me that aol and it's customers are abismally liberal, unsophistocated and uninformed. The fact that a former president would so visciously attack a sitting president in a time of war is disgraceful! Carter ought to be ashamed.

12/7/2008 5:38:55 AM said:

What is going on with the communication lines? We still have dial up and get a solid blaring signal when we try to log on. Customer support first said it is the high volume of users (give me a break - more dial up users now than in the past when DSL and other faste services were not available), then he said the lines were "unstable" (again, give me a break. The same thing happens on each of the 4 option lines). Is AOL trying to drive customers away or just to DSL?

12/22/2008 1:12:12 PM
christine wilkinson said:

On 3 occasions in less than 2 weeks connection has been lost.After many long calls it was sorted but no explanation or apology and the last guy even refused to help saying I wasn't a customer!!!.Why is he on a helpline??

7/30/2009 3:09:55 PM
jrfrkokomo said:

i cant read any of my e mails

10/6/2009 6:48:40 PM said:

my aol is saying low memeny and hard drive low room

10/16/2009 7:31:47 PM
sharon said:

how come aol...which is computer ...doesn't have a complaint site for online? If you want to complain .they send you to this type of site or give you a phone number??????/


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