Using The "Keyword" Option On Your AOL Toolbar

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Since updating your website, the parental controls link does not work - how come?

Using The "Keyword" Option On Your AOL Toolbar

If for some reason you are having trouble accessing or finding an AOL link to another part of AOL, you will be pleased to know that you can get to almost anything on AOL using the "Keyword" option on your AOL toolbar. Simply select this option and then select "Go To Keyword". Once you have done that, a box should pop up in which you will type in the keyword you want and then select "OK". Even if you do not know the actual keyword, most of them are pretty simple. For example, if you need to set up or edit your parental controls, your keyword would be "Parental Controls". If you need to view your bill, your keyword would be "Billing". These can make accessing areas of AOL easier than trying to hunt down a link.



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