Solutions To Slow Browsing On AOL

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Solutions To Slow Browsing On AOL

There are three solutions that one may try if they are experiencing slow Internet browsing through their AOL connection.

First, you can try AOL Auto Fix. To do this go to keyword "Fix It", select "Problems with the AOL Web Browser", then follow the instructions when prompted to delete temporary Internet files, rebuild AOL Adapter, and repair Internet Explorer.

Second, you may want to try closing any programs you have open or restarting your computer. To simply restart your computer select your "Ctrl", "Alt", and "Delete" keys all at once. When a box pops up, press all three keys again. To close all other programs, select your "Ctrl", "Alt", and "Delete" keys all at once. When a box pops up, select the "End Task" button until all programs in the box are gone except for AOL.

Third, you can try to re-detect your connection. To do this, log off (if currently on the internet)and go to your AOL sign on screen. Once there, select the "Sign On Options" button, select "Expert Setup", select you location, select "Delete", and then select "OK". Repeat this until all of your locations are deleted. Close the options box, at which time you should be back at the sign on screen. Press "Sign On" to enable yourself to re-select your locations.



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